Here are all the links you’ll ever need to find information about Bob Dylan:

One of the best official artist site on the net.



Bringing It All Back Home

The first and still one of the best Dylan sites.

Run by long time fan and collector John Howells.



Expecting Rain

Karl Erik Andersen’s site contains things you don’t find elsewhere. It is updated so frequently with so much stuff and links you can’t believe this guy has an ordinary day-time job!



Bob Links

Internet has more pages about Bob Dylan than you can hope to access in one day. Bill Pagel’s page lists them all! So this page is really the only link you’ll ever need!


In addition to this Bill keeps his invaluable tour and set list service, always first with tour and venue information, and updated almost in real time when a tour is on.


A magazine no serious collector can live without – contains Ian Woodward’s classic never-ending Bob Dylan chronicle “The Wicked Messenger”. Now has its own great site.

Untold Dylan

This fantastic site has set itself the task of reviewing (often more than once) every song that Dylan has composed or part composed, as well as creating other series of articles such as “Why does Dylan like” and things like that.


 ... and then some:


Bob Dylan Pics 2012

Fabulous site with zillions of pictures from all ages.

The Bob Dylan Ticket Stub Archive

Scans of ticket stubs & concert posters from all eras. Absolutely amazing!!

The Bridge Magazine

Nice site where you can order back issues of this great magazine, successor to The Telegraph, and Wraith’s & Wyvill’s indispensable tour books.

Dylan Cover Albums

A great site focusing on albums with Dylan songs.

Michael Gray Writer

Michael’s official website with info on all his books and gigs and of course a blog.

Not Dark Yet

Very nice and thought-provoking site by Markus Prieur in Cork, Ireland, focusing on some of the songs performed occasionally starting in 1999.

Bob Dylan Lyrics 1961 - 2012 Concordance

Site managed by Lars Lindh. Also contains lyrics to unreleased songs and much more.



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