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The material is divided into



143 song lyrics collected in 18 sections


Album Liner Notes

The New World Singers

In The Wind

Joan Baez In Concert, Part 2

2nd Right 3rd Row

Planet Waves

A Tribute To Woody Guthrie

World Gone Wrong


Poems & Other Pieces

Go Away You Bomb

For Dave Glover

Lonesome Christmas

Blowin' In The Wind

The Kennedy Poems

A Message From Bob Dylan

A Letter From Bob Dylan

Six Poems

Letter To Larry

Dear Mummy

Letters To Tami Dean

First Letter

Second Letter

Third Letter

Fourth Letter

Walk Down Crooked Highway

Adam's Rib



The following sources have been used:

Books and booklets: Joan Baez: And A Voice To Sing With, In His Own Write, Official song books, Some Other Kind Of Songs, Steppin' Out , Paul Williams: Bob Dylan – Performing Artist, Dylan: poem to joanie. A Booklegger Realization.

Magazines: Isis, Look Back, Occassionally, The Telegraph, The Wicked Messenger.

Tapes, records & liner notes.


Over the years a number of people have helped me with these texts. I would like to thank Rebecca Buck, Liz Bradley, Christopher Ferguson, John Howells, Åke Jonsson, Anthony Kapolka, Jörgen Lindström, Daniwl Mackay, Ron Mura, Dominque Rocque, and John Roberts.



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