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Los Angeles, California

KCOP TV Studios






Seville, Spain

Auditorio de la Cartuja






KCOP TV Studios


Los Angeles, California


15 September 1991



1.   Sold American (Kinky Friedman)



Kinky Friedman (vocal, acoustic guitar), Bob Dylan (electric guitar).


Studio talk

Bob: What do you want me to say?

Rabbi Shlomo Boruch Cunin: Help to give back the books.

Bob: Oh, yeah, give back the books, and give plenty of money to Chabad, It's my favourite organisation in the whole world, really. They do nothing but good things with all the money, and-a the more you can give, the more it's going to help everybody.

Rabbi Shlomo Boruch Cunin: I wanna say something, Bob, if I might. I think the people out there, millions of people that are watching us, that heard us talk about the cry of these books. These are books that have suffered for seventy years behind those bars of the Lenin library. Mr. Gorbachev had said he's going to give it back, Mr. Yeltsin says he's gonna give them back, everybody says he's going to give it back. Bob, tell them to give it back!

Bob: Yeah, give it back! Give the books back!

Rabbi Shlomo Boruch Cunin: OK, if Bob Dylan says they'll give it back, they'll give it back! … Please go to your phones and call and call and call. Bob, tell them what to do.

Bob Dylan: Call and call and call some more until you get somebody to answer - and give what you can. and thanks for inviting me down here.

Rabbi Shlomo Boruch Cunin: God bless you, Bob, a healthy and happy new year! Let's have a big hand for Bob Dylan!

Rabbi Shlomo Boruch Cunin: Very important ladies and gentlemen, we have here dear friends of mine whom you saw before, the illustrious, the wonderful Bob Dylan and Kinky Friedman!



Broadcast live in the TV program L'Chaim – To Life, Telethon '91.

Stereo TV broadcast, 5 minutes.


Session info updated 15 November 2014.





Auditorio de la Cartuja

Seville, Spain

17 October 1991

Leyendas de la Guitarra



1.   All Along The Watchtower


2.   Boots Of Spanish Leather

3.   Across The Borderline (Ry Cooder/John Hiatt/Jim Dickinson)

4.   Answer Me, My Love (Gerhard Winkler/Fred Rauch/Carl Sigman)


5.   Shake, Rattle And Roll (C. Calhoun)

6.   I Can't Turn You Loose (Otis Redding)



1  Bob Dylan (guitar & vocal) backed by Phil Manzanera Richard Thompson (guitar), Jack Bruce (bass), Ray Cooper (percussion), Simon Phillips (drums):


2-4  Bob Dylan (acoustic guitar & vocal), Richard Thompson (acoustic guitar)


5  Bob Dylan (guitar & vocal) backed by Keith Richards (guitar), Steve Cropper (guitar), Edward Manion (saxophone), Chuck Leavell  (keyboards), Charlie Drayton (bass), Steve Jordan (drums).


6  Bob Dylan (guitar) together with the other performers this evening, among them Dave Edmonds, Steve Cropper and Ray Cooper.


Unauthorized Release

(The release is unauthorized and is not associated with or approved by Bob Dylan or his current recording label).

1 released in the UK on Bob Dylan Transmissions, Storming Music Company, SMC 2520, 3 December 2007.



Broadcast worldwide on television and FM radio.

Live debut of Answer Me, My Love.

Stereo FM broadcast, 25 minutes.


Session info updated 17 March 2014.