Here's a, no doubt incomplete, list from the flood of new Dylan books:

John Baldwin

The fiddler now upspoke, Volume 1 & 2.


A collection of Bob Dylan interviews and press conferences.


Desolation Row Promotions, 1995. 300+266 pages.

John Bauldie

The Diary of a Bobcat


Wanted Man 1995, 90 pages.


Collected diaries from The Never-Ending Tour.

Ben Cruikshank

Bob Dylan (American Poet and Singer)


Part 1: Blottingpaper Man


Part 2: Man In The Long Black Coat


A retrospective journey thru Bob Dylan’s official albums.


Agenda 1995, 94 + 84 pages.

Clinton Heylin

Great White Wonder. A History of Rock Bootlegs.


Viking 1994, 442 pages.


Lots of references to Dylan bootlegs starting with the very first.

Clinton Heylin

Bob Dylan, The Recording Sessions 1960-1994


St. Martin's Press, 1995, 233 pages.

Patrick Humphries

The Complete Guide to The Music of Bob Dylan.


Omnibus Press 1995, 152 pages.


Another album-by-album run-down of the officially released stuff. CD-sized pocket.

Elliott Landy

Woodstock Vision - The Spirit Of A Generation


US edition of the German original.


Contains 13 new photos of Dylan from 1968 to 1970.


Continuum, New York 1995, 128 pages, 21 pages on Dylan.

John Roberts

A. J. Weberman Dylanologist


A home produced 100+ page booklet containing articles about and by the world’s premier garbologist.

Mike Wyvill

From Town To Town  Bob Dylan's 1994 Concerts

John Wraith

Wanted Man, 1995. 52 pages.


Concert listings and comments plus a lot of pictures from The Telegraph.

Robert Witting

Orpheus Revisited: A Celebration Of Highway 61 Revisited


Exploding Rooster Books 1995, 108 pages.



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[3]        Articles and columns in The Telegraph, On The Tracks, Series Of Dreams 1995.

[4]        A GUIDE TO THE HIGHWAY 61 INTERACTIVE CD-ROM or I wouldn't know how to use it if I had to by Sven Erick Alm (sea@math.uu.se).

[5]        Highway 61 Intercative by Derek & Tracy Barker in two parts, Isis 59 60.

[6]        Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Volume 3 CD Plus. A summary of the audio content.” by Sven Erick Alm (sea@math.uu.se).

[7]        My own tape collection.